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Monday, July 29, 2013


Our Sadie girl is three!  I know, I know, this happened in May- but at least I’m writing about it!  Since Hannah’s birthday in March, Sadie had been talking non stop about her birthday and birthday party.  She was SO excited to get presents!  Since her birthday is always around Memorial Day, it is a great excuse to have a BBQ and hang out with friends.  Most of her birthday guests were our adult friends, but Sadie still had a great time.  The day before her actual birthday we had a small little party at the park with some of Hannah’s preschool friends and their younger siblings.  Sadie thinks that the preschool friends are her best friends, so she was in heaven!  On her actual birthday we had to take a trip to the pediatrician where she was diagnosed with a double ear infection.  Poor thing didn’t feel well at all!  She made the best of it though and ended up having a good day. 


Friends at the park! IMG_0346IMG_0354

Poor sick girl!

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