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Friday, August 15, 2008

Mom's Last Week of Summer

This week is my last week of summer vacation. I have done a very good job of not going in early to organize my classroom (although the floor in my room wasn't I had no choice but to stay home)! We have had a great week just having fun around the house. I have decided to make all of Hannah's baby food here at home. So far she has eaten avocados and squash. I also made her sweet potatoes, mango, peas and green beans. She hasn't tried those yet! I'm very happy with how the food has turned out so far and it is SO easy to make. I like making sure that Hannah has all organic ingredients in her food...and I think it is probably a little more economical than buying the baby food jars. I'm excited to keep making her healthy and delicious meals. You can judge for yourself how well she likes the vegetables, but I told her she had no choice! As you can see by the pictures, Hannah is still trying to crawl, she got a new exersaucer and LOVES it, she was eyeing Dad's food at dinner the other night, and she is an avid Gonzaga fan. She has 2 sporting outfits and they are both Gonzaga (we have 2 sets of friends who are alumni) and Kyle says it is a shame that she doesn't have a DU hockey jersey yet...maybe for Christmas.

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