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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fun Times

We are having a fun and busy weekend at the Peterson house! Enjoy the pictures of my silly girl!
5 month pictures with Pooh! Feeding myself my cereal!

Playing with my dog, Lhotse. Lhotse was trying her hardest to stay off the quilt!

I laughed so hard when I came downstairs and saw this. Since Hannah is scootching all over the place we have been laying down a big blanket for her to play on. Yesterday she had on those cute little jeans that are STILL too big (they are 3 month size!). She scootched right out of them!

Hannah went to her first Redskins game. She was very interested in what was going on. She didn't seem to mind the noise at all!

Kyle's diploma came! (It really is inside this case!) He officially has his Master's Degree. Yea!

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The Cutter Family said...

Oh my gosh!! The picture of Hannah scooting out of her jeans cracked me up. She's very determined! She'll get it one of these days!! Keep up the good work, Hannah!!!