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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Symptoms of Teething

Chin Rash...check
Biting and Gnawing...check
Cheek Rubbing and Ear Pulling...check
Low Grade Fever...check
Not sleeping well...check
Tooth Appears...still waiting!!
Come little tooth...come quickly!

Hannah had all of these symptoms the past week and yet no tooth has appeared. We thought for sure it would be here by now, but we wait patiently...very patiently. She was a crabby girl for 4 or 5 days and now seems to be over it. I guess she will be fine until the tooth really comes! While she is waiting on her tooth, here are some things she has been doing with her time.
Getting into EVERYTHING! Here she is pulling up on the end table. What you can't see if that she already knocked 3 games and 2 cameras off of the shelf.
Moving 90 miles an hour. She is fast, fast, fast!

Reading a new book with Mommy. Great Grandpa John and Great Grandma Nancy sent her a cute Halloween book. Thanks Grandpa and Grandma, we read it twice last night!
Playing with my toys in my toy basket. If she looks like she gained about 30 pounds, it is just the sweat shirt. Kyle got it for her as 7-month birthday present from his new place of employment and the smallest size they had was 2T!
Trying her best to escape and go up the stairs. She can now go all the way to the top by herself. Before she was just climbing to the third step and then looking down and getting scared. Now she will go all the way, but has taken some tumbles.

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The Cutter Family said...

Friend! I feel your pain. Gabe is working on his molars and has been very unpleasant for the last week. He is just finally getting better in the last day or two. I can't wait for them to come in so I can have my sweet boy back! Hang in there!!!