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Thursday, October 30, 2008


It seems that all of my friends are playing "tag" on blogger as I have been tagged not once, but twice today by my friends Becky and Brie. So, here ya random/weird facts about me (sorry, you already know everything about Hannah).

1. I LOVE chapstick.

Maybe this comes from growing up in Colorado where it is very dry, but if I don't have chapstick coating my lips, I feel naked. I like just plain Chapstick, and I prefer the Chapstick brand. One year for my birthday every single student in my class brought me chapstick and I was in heaven. I always look forward to Christmas because my mom puts about 20 Chapsticks in my stocking. I always ask for it, and I'm not just talking about one tube people...bring on the Chapstick!

2. I don't like purple things.

I really dislike purple candy and food. I don't like purple fruit snacks, purple jolly ranchers, or purple skittles. I even go so far as to pick them out of the bag of food or candy. The other night we had purple chicken. It turned purple due to being cooked in red wine. Although it tasted great, I was a little freaked out by the fact that it was purple. I know...I'm weird.

3. I like experiences rather than "stuff."

I am not a "stuff" kind of person. One of the things my husband likes about me is that I only have one purse (ok...I have more, but I don't really use them). I don't see the need to pay hundreds of dollars on things to carry my junk around in. This is also true for baby things such as strollers. There is a nice brand of strollers out there that cost around $1,000 FOR A STROLLER!! I love Hannah and all, but my stroller that cost less than $150 does the exact same thing and meets my needs just fine. I would rather spend my money on other things such as trips and experiences than filling my house full of "stuff" that will have to be moved in a few months. To my friends who like "stuff"- I am not judging you in any way, I just happen to not like "stuff" (most days! :)

4. I really love my job.

I think that I have the perfect situation because it is a great balance of work and home. I get bored very easily and working part time allows me to leave the house but still have time to spend at home with Hannah. Teaching really makes me happy and I love teaching second graders. It doesn't hurt that I'm at a great school with a great principal in an awesome community!

5. I think I'm secretly 90 years old.

I really like being up early and going to bed early. Most nights I'm in bed before 10:00. Most of this is because I get bored at night and I figure that since there is nothing else to do I might as well go to sleep. I also like to do crossword puzzles. I mean...who does those (besides my sister!)?? Don't little old ladies in nursing homes do crossword puzzles? I'm just trying to keep my brain sharp!

6. I don't watch much TV and I hate movies.

The only shows I watch regularly on TV are The Office, Deadliest Catch, and Jeopardy. Besides that, I don't care to watch TV that much. I like to have the TV on for noise, but I hardly ever pay attention to it. I also really hate movies. I can't pay attention that long and I always fall asleep.

7. I love sports.

I like watching all sports and I especially like football. I watch more football than Kyle and thanks to me (and a little help from a friend), he is able to converse with his new co-workers- who are very into football. Kyle is one of the only husbands who can get away with getting his wife sports tickets for her birthday/Christmas, but I love them!


The Cutter Family said...

Al, I LOVE crossword puzzles too. You are not a nerd! When everyone else is going senile, we'll still be sharp and witty due to our love for crosswords!!

Brie said...

Thanks for playing! I love doing "old lady" games too like sudoku.