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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Calm Before the Storm

Hannah had a great time in Texas. On Friday we just stayed at my Grandparent's house and my aunt brought over my cousin's kids to play. Our only outing was to the Winnsboro Dairy Queen. It is an icon in Winnsboro (ok, well according to me it is). I was so excited to get a chicken finger basket with Texas toast and gravy. Texas toast from anywhere but Texas is just not the same and Dairy Queen Texas Toast with gravy is yummy! In fact, I thought about just asking for a plate of Texas toast and a side of gravy. There is nothing like small town establishments!

Anyway, the kids came over to play for a little while. Hannah had a lot of fun with her cousin Ava.

She loved climbing under the coffee table with a glass top. She couldn't quite figure it out. She kept putting her hands up and touching the glass to get the things that were sitting on top of the table. It was pretty funny to watch!

Hannah and Ava

Reading books!

Stay tuned for pictures later from later in the night...otherwise known as "The Storm"

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