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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Taking a Poll

There is much debate in the Peterson house about Hannah's hair. Kyle has been saying for some time now that Hannah needs a haircut. He thinks she has a mullet and would look much better if we cut the back of her hair. I have been waiting for hair since, well, SHE WAS BORN! I really don't want to cut her hair because I kinda like to curls in the back. However, I will cut her hair if you blog readers think she looks like business on top and a party in the back! Take the poll, you have until June 10th to respond!

Pretty much the worst picture of Hannah ever.

This is what it looks like from the front.


The Cutter Family said...

Don't do it, Friend!! Babies always have mullets when their hair is growing in, but it will continue to grow and it will even out. I agree with you ... the curls are very cute. I know how you feel about this ... I didn't cut Isabel's hair until she was 3!!! Don't do it!!!!

Kyle said...

Just for the record, the hair is a lot longer in the back than these pictures show. She really is in danger of looking like a certain 1980s hockey player.

Drew and Carrie said...

I say cut away, the shorter the better. Although Carrie (who has much better taste in fashion than I do) says it looks cute. So we pretty much cancel each other out on this one.