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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Minnesota Continued

So...I was going to write a long post and include many pictures from out trip to Minnesota while Hannah was taking her normal 2 hour morning nap. However, Hannah decided that she was not going to take a nap when I wanted her to and instead decided to fall asleep now...30 minutes before I must drop her off at the babysitter so that I may attend a training. Instead you get a few cute pictures and I will post more later!
Kyle's family has more people than most small towns do, and to explain how everyone is related would take my whole day so for blogging purposes, all of Kyle's first cousins and their kids are just going to be called Hannah's cousins. We aren't going to get into the whole first-cousin-once-removed, second cousin, third cousin details. They are all just cousins...and there are way too many of them to keep track of!

Hannah and her cousin Makenna.

Just being cute!

Hannah and Daddy

Hannah and her cousin Tate
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Kim said...

Hannah and Tate LOVE popcorn