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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Minnesota in Pictures

Before I move on to the post about the family reunion, here are a few more pictures of the week leading up to the reunion. Throughout the week all 42 of us slowly trickled in. Here is the fun we had together!
We played this game many times. There is some debate as to what it is called. In Minnesota, on Norway Lake, they call it Norwegian Golf. In other places they call it Cowboy Golf.

Hannah's cousin Liberty

Hannah's cousin Hildi.

This is what you look like after a day of tubing and water skiing!

Julie and Hannah

Don't you think Erik and Julie need one of these?

Playing outside

Hannah's cousin Makenna

Cousin Taylor

Hannah tried a radish. She didn't like it too much!

A cook was hired to so that Grandma didn't have to cook for 42 people for an entire week. She was great!

Hannah and Aunt Kelsi

Hannah meets her cousin Logan

Hannah's cousin is in there!

Erik shows off his speed stacking skills.

Hannah is obsessed with shoes!

The lake is exhausting!

Cooking ribs on the fire pit.

Tate, Taylor, Erik ready to go!

I love these pictures of Kelsi.
I'm pretty sure Kyle was driving the boat and had no mercy!

Kelsi, Ellen, Taylor

Volleyball Fun

Lissa getting ready to serve

Hannah just being cute!

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