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Friday, July 24, 2009

My Girl

I am taking a break from our vacation updates to post about what Hannah has been doing since we got home and boy has she been busy. Here is another picture heavy post!
I have a few videos that are worth checking back for later this weekend!
Hannah had a play date with Brian today! I love Brian's face!

I love Hannah's face!

Taking a ride on Lucky now includes Hannah AND her two babies. You can only see one in this picture, but the other one is there!

A few mornings ago I was making Hannah's breakfast (yogurt and toast). I mashed up the berries and mixed it with the yogurt and popped the toast in the toaster. I set the yogurt on the table and went back to the kitchen to get the toast. When I went back to the dining room this is what I saw. When I left her she was reading those books you can see...and when I returned there was blueberry yogurt all over my carpet, my child, and a few of the books. I guess she is taller than I remember!

Dad, I would really love to help you unload the dishwasher but I'm reading to my spoons right now.
This girl LOVES her books!

Hannah loves to sit by the sliding glass door and read. She carries books over there all the time and will sit reading for a long time!
Uncle Stephen has now surpassed all others in the "Favorite Uncle/Aunt Contest."
He came to town and Hannah pretty much followed him around for 4 days.
She thinks he is cool.

"Pound" with Uncle Stephen!

Do you look this cute eating blueberries?
I didn't think so.

She was very into it and concentrated VERY hard and LOVED every second of it!

Oh, How I love this blond-haired, blue-eyed baby girl!

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Brian Peterson said...

She has ALL of grandpas heart too!