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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Castle Park

My friend Renee told me about a fun park near our house called "Castle Park." It had huge wooden playgrounds for the kids to play on with really big slides. It reminds me of a place called Kidville in Dallas that my mom would take Amanda and I to when we were younger. Today while Daddy was at work, Hannah and I ventured out to this park. She ran around like crazy! She tried all of the slides and climbed all over the place until she was dripping with sweat (as was I). The only time she was afraid of anything was when a runner on the trail nearby said hello to her. That made her scream...not the huge slide, just a man saying hello! We can't wait to go back to this park!

The park had big musical instruments to bang on.

Hannah was a little too short but she tried her best!

Little Girl, Big Slide

Not a hint of hesitation...

She LOVED it!

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Renee Huston said...

Oh, great! I'm so glad she liked it! (as if I ever doubted that she would...that girl would live outside if she could) :) Maybe Callan and Hannah shouldn't get married someday. They are both so fearless they would probably get into so many dangerous adventures! haha