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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Labor Day

On Labor Day we went to the Sugarloaf Winery to do a little wine tasting and listen to the live music. We all had a great time, especially Hannah. She was a big hit with everyone, including the owners of the winery! We brought a little beach chair for her to sit in and as you will soon see, she did very little sitting in it.

She drug this chair all over the place.

Mostly, she drug it into the tasting tent.

She got it all set up...

...and then just made herself at home!
At this point I would go get the chair because it was in the way of all of the other people. We would come back to our table and Hannah would immediately take the chair back to the tasting tent.

She also enjoyed playing in the dirt...and yes, yes she did eat that cracker on the ground by her foot.

Off she went with the chair.

She met this man...

...she set up her chair and he gave her two crackers! She really liked that so she moved along to find someone else to give her a cracker.

She met these people. She just climbed right up there by herself and sat in between them. They won her over by showing her pictures of dogs on their cell phones.

And then she was off!

to join this nice family's picture.

She was a little put out that she wasn't able to be in their family portrait.

We had been in the truck for exactly 5.5 seconds! Socializing is hard work!


Beth said...

Looks like she's coming out of her shell! haha. :)

Glennis said...

What shell!! just wondering.