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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Warning: Long Post Ahead!

Can it be that this girl is 18 months old? I know it sounds so cliche, but time really does fly! I can't believe it has been 18 months since we welcomed this tiny little baby into our family. It is hard to remember just how tiny she was. Just the other day I was putting away some of the clothes she has outgrown and I opened up her newborn bin. After she was born we had to go shopping for clothes for her because nothing fit. We ended up finding about 6 outfits that were preemie size (up to 7 pounds). She wore those 6 outfits for about 6 weeks and then she could move on to the newborn size! I took one out of the bin the other day and I couldn't believe how tiny it was. Needless to say, she is not so tiny anymore but she is petite for her age. At her 18 month checkup she weighed 21 pounds 6 ounces and was 32 inches tall. She is tall and skinny!
Hannah is very much a girlie girl, which I think is funny, because I am not a girlie girl at all (I know, big shocker!) She will stand in front of the mirror and brush her hair, she loves to play with my makeup bag, and she is obsessed with shoes. She LOVES them!

She has also been up to her usual shenanigans. This is how I found her when I went to put her dinner on the tray of her highchair. This new skill has come in handy for her because she can now get anything she wants off of the table. Can you see the gray hairs sprouting out of my head?

Hannah also got to babysit her two boyfriends back in August. On this day I learned why some people who have twins just call it good after that and have no other children. Having 2 toddlers and a baby was hard work, but Hannah and Callan loved giving baby Brian kisses!

We also recently ventured out to the Montgomery County Fair with our friends, Gene and Renee. We pulled up, got a quick bite to eat, and headed to the goat barn. Just as we entered, the sky turned black (literally) and it proceeded to POUR for the next 2 hours. Luckily the animals barns were fairly close together so Kyle and Gene put the kids on their shoulders and ran from animal to animal. Renee and I stayed back and just chatted until we got bored and decided to venture out and try to find our families. It was fun until we needed to head back to the car. We had four soaked adults, two drenched strollers, and 2 dripping, smelly, animal-loving todders when it was all said and done...but we made fun memories.
This was the best picture I could get!

Hannah looking at a goat.

Earlier in the day I had taken Hannah to the Splash Park. I wasn't sure how she would react because she likes water but she hates to be splashed in the face and really despises the shower. I couldn't believe how much she loved this place. We will definitely be spending a lot of time here next summer! They had all kinds of fountains, waterfalls, and sprayers. By the end of the morning she was running through those huge fountains and saying "more" every time she ran out! Now she doesn't mind being in the shower with me (which is great because it is WAY faster getting her clean that way!).

Today after changing Hannah's diaper I was getting her down off the changing table and she put her head on my shoulder. Anyone who knows Hannah well knows that these moments are rare because she is WAY too busy to cuddle. When she laid her head on my shoulder I said, "Ohhhh, Sweet Princess." Now, I don't typically call Hannah princess. There is just something about it I don't like. I'm not sure what it is but I don't ever intend on letting Hannah have things that say "Princess" written on them hanging all over her walls or on her clothing. I know, I know...saying this out loud will come back to bite me when she is about ten and that is all she wants for her room! Anyway, after I said, "Sweet Princess" she said, "Princess." It was so cute that I just had to get her saying it on video!

A few other Hannah funnies and then I promise I will give your eyes a break for a few days!

Hannah loves her Dad. She will call him da da and Dad, but not daddy. It is so funny to watch Kyle try to get her to say Daddy. The other day I heard the following conversation.

Kyle: Ok Hannah, repeat after me. Da-da

Hannah: "Da da

Kyle: "Hannah"

Hannah: "an-na"

Kyle: "Da da"

Hannah: "da da"

Kyle: "Hannah"

Hannah: "an-na"

Kyle: "Daddy"

Hannah: "NO"

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