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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

I decided that I'm never going to get all caught up on what has been happening lately so here is a LONG post to sum it up! We went to Colorado for the week of Thanksgiving, hoping to see a lot of snow and our new nephew/niece. We got one of the two when Avery Elizabeth was born on November 24th. She is very, very cute! Hannah liked her- but was a little jealous when Avery had a paci and Hannah did not. I think Avery has more hair than Hannah does currently. I wish we lived a little closer so I could see this little peanut more often.

Hannah also enjoyed playing with toys at Mimi and Papaw's house.

Hannah insisted that her and Papaw wear these bows on their heads...and of course every does whatever the 1 year old in the family says- so he agreed. Here he is teaching her how to say "Price Check" into her cash register. It is so funny!

Hannah was so excited to open presents that she just kept throwing things out of the bags, even the presents themselves. Her goal: Empty that bag!

We had Christmas at my parent's house. Hannah played Santa and passed everything out- even the REALLY big presents!

We don't know who was more excited about the marble works: Hannah or Dad and Erik.
Clearly while Hannah was at her engineering job constructing the marble works, she left Great Grandpa John in charge of her baby doll. I think he took great care of her.
Hannah loved getting into this doll bed.

She even pretended to sleep in it!
And finally, our new house! We moved to Small Town, USA and we LOVE it! We have about an acre that is all fenced in for the dogs and Hannah. We also have another 1/2 acre or so that is not fenced in but has many garages. The house is old and has a lot of character but it is in really great shape. We all love it here!


Brie said...

Looks like you had a great trip to Colorado :) I LOVE your new house!!! Post more photos of the inside when you get a chance, please.

Brian Peterson said...

Hey, Are you going to put up a video of the "KH Band"? We need to see their debut!


Brian Peterson said...

CLICK, CLICK, CLICK. That's me with my lighter cheering for an encore. I don't think it's an encore since they haven't had a performance yet! But, you get the picture.