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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Tree

This year we put up a Christmas tree. I know what you are thinking...what's the big deal, don't you always put up a tree? The answer is no! This is only the second year that we have put up a Christmas tree since we have been married (7 years). We always spend Christmas away from our house so it just never seemed worth it to put a tree up when we are always gone for about 10 days at Christmas. This year we are spending Christmas at home for the first time in, well...ever! While we will miss our families in Colorado we are excited to begin new family traditions with our small (but growing) family.

We went to our local orchard where we do our fresh fruit picking in the spring and summer. They have a huge selection of trees and so we set out to find the perfect tree of our house!

I think I found one over here!

Still looking!

I think this one is it!

By my tree!

I got really excited!

My dad cut the tree down while I watched!

I loved the cutting down part and when the tree fell I said,"More tree, more tree."
If you look closely she is signing "more."

So I ran over to this tree so my dad would cut it down too!

Helping my dad inspect the tree.

Maybe one of these days I'll get a picture of the tree up in our house.

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Anonymous said...

Matt says he wants those pictures of the decorated tree.

Rapido, por favor!