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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Digging Out

Although the Federal Government has been closed for the past 4 days, Kyle is considered one of those “essential personnel” so he is required to report to work no matter what.  Since he works at night and had to get back to work by 8 pm last night after a blizzard all day, he decided to spend yesterday sleeping at a hotel near his office.  When he came home around 7 this morning, this is what he saw!   He wanted to let me know that if you are looking for him this weekend, he will be shoveling.

This is the view from the road to the garage.  One of our driveways is underneath all that snow!

0211000717The  long walk from the garage to the house.  There used to be a little path that Kyle had packed down by walking back and forth but that disappeared yesterday.  0211000729

Icicles!0211000734 Front porch0211000737


Anonymous said...

Want to know what I got you for Valentine's Day?


Kim said...

Let me guess! A snowblower!

Alexis said...

He's WAY too cheap for that...probably a shovel that I can use next year when I'm not pregnant.