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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Miss Independent

This morning I got up with Hannah and we ate breakfast together like normal.  When we were done I sent her upstairs to ask Kyle when he was going to get up.  She went up there and I heard her ask him and then she was just talking away for a while.  I could tell she was upstairs playing and every so often I would hear Kyle so I assumed he was awake and keeping an eye on her.  About 30 minutes later Hannah came down the stairs carrying her potty chair, which had clearly been pooped in but there were only remnants left, no real poop.  She was also wearing this:  IMG_3968I became very nervous about several things:

Where are the rest of the contents of the potty?  How did she get this skirt on? and as I looked closer, Why doesn’t she have any underwear on?  I went upstairs to find Kyle snoring away so I realized that he had not gotten up and gotten her dressed.  Then I went into the guest room (where Hannah is staying while her room is being redone) and saw her pajama pants and underwear in her open dresser drawer.  Then I went to the bathroom and saw the potty contents had made their way to the adult toilet with no spills.  Whew!  IMG_3967  It was at that point that I started to laugh hysterically at my girl.  She had gone potty, disposed of the contents, and dressed herself and she was very proud!


Kim said...

Way to go, Hannah! Gramma is proud of you for going poopy by yourself and for getting your skirt on all by yourself! You're getting SO big!

Beth said...

I don't know why Mommy was so nervous, Hannah! Clearly, you knew exactly what to do. :)