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Monday, April 19, 2010

A Post of Random Thoughts

According to my photo organizer, I have taken 3 pictures in April.  Yes, you read that right...three.  Just for some perspective, in February I took 455 pictures and in March I took 122 pictures, and this month?  Three.  (Although this doesn't include Easter pictures.  They were downloaded into the March folder and I have been too lazy busy to move them over to the correct folder).  Since I already posted two of the pictures from this month and I don't like to post without pictures, here is the last one:
I snapped this picture of Hannah eating her snack because it really sums up her personality quite well.  Remember this post I wrote about Hannah's desire to line up her toys?  Well, it has now carried over into most areas of her life.  Do you see how each "black blueberry" (as she calls blackberries) has a matching goldfish?  Hannah is very orderly and likes things to be neat and organized.  She also has a fear of being dirty.  When she is eating she likes to have a washcloth by her so she can wipe her hands after every bite.  She can't stand her clothes to be wet or dirty and she needs to change them immediately.  Her food can't touch.  She loves helping with laundry and cleaning.  She knows where the cleaning cloths are and will go get one and start dusting without being asked.  She seriously gets excited when I say, "We need to go put on our cleaning clothes!"  At the end of the day when it is time to clean up the playroom, she doesn't just throw all the toys in the bins, but she organizes each kind of toy in specific bins and doesn't mix them up.  If things are out of place, she will put them where they go as she runs by playing.  While I hope she keeps this up until she is 13 (or older!) and I'm looking forward to the day when she can just clean the whole house herself (next year probably, HA!) her obsessions with being clean have begun to cause her some anxiety.  We are trying to break her of some of these habits because we don't want them to become worse and begin interfering with life as she gets older.  So, we encourage Hannah to lick her fingers at dinner, get dirty whenever possible, and we are not allowing her to change her clothes every time she gets wet or dirty.  While she is not happy about this, she is making some progress!  
In other Hannah news:
* I wish I had a video camera running all day to capture the cute moments.  All of a sudden she will say something and I just look at her in amazement.  She doesn't like to perform when you ask her to do something but if you listen to her play she says some amazing things.  Just yesterday she had a stuffed bear and was sitting in the kitchen with me while I was making dinner. She was talking away and as I listened a little closer I realized she was reciting the book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?"  She has the entire thing memorized.  She also plays independently for hours and will have conversations with her dolls and other toys.  Her imagination is great.
* She is finally doing well with staying dry at night.  The potty training method I used recommends getting rid of the diapers and pull-ups all together.  Hannah had been very hit or miss at night.  I would get her up 2-3 times a night to avoid an accident.  It seems she has finally realized to call out and let me know when she needs to go.  She has done really well for the past 10 days or so.
Baby News:
* As of today I am 33 weeks and 2 days pregnant.  Is this frightening to anyone else???  This baby could be here so soon.  Hannah was born at 37 weeks...that is less than 4 weeks away.  I am not counting on this baby being early, but I do know it is a real possibility.  I'm not sure I'm going to get all of the projects done that need to be done around here! 
* Based on what I feel, I think the baby is trying to do the splits in the womb.  I'm not sure how I can simutaneously feel a kick in my bladder and up in my rib cage.  This baby must be flexible!  I'm hoping this is not a sign that the baby is breech.  It feels like he/she is laying sideways.  We will find out in 2 weeks when I have my ultrasound but this little guy needs to get that head down.  
* We are not any closer to having a name for this baby than we were when I found out I was pregnant back in October and it doesn't help that we have to come up with a boy name AND a girl name.

That is about all that is going on at the Peterson house.  You know, except for the stripping, sanding, painting, texturing, taping, drywall hanging, priming, etc that is going on in both Hannah's room and the nursery.  I will post pictures when it is done (but that may be in July...or August).


Jilienne said...

Hey Alexis!! It sounds like there is a lot going on in the Peterson house. I think that Hannah is going to be a huge help with the new baby. Where in VA or MD or that area are you guys now? I am going to be moving to VA soon. I would love to meet Hannah and the new little one. E-mail me:

Erik said...

I still don't understand the confusion with the name. Bruce is a completely acceptable boy name and it will be "unique" for a girl. We all know that Hannah LOVES the name and it follows the pattern of naming your child after your best friend's last name...aka Peter. :)

Glad to hear things are going well and we can't wait to see you all soon!

Pita said...

You should get my sectioned plate from Mom. I didn't, and still don't like my food to touch!
P.S. Pita is a gender neutral name :)

Beth said...

Don't worry about the lack of pictures. In Florida, Grandpa told me he had TWO pictures of his "baby days." I am just trying to get at least one picture a day! I don't like this concept of not getting to see you guys until AUGUST. Boo!