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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Update (The one where I complain)

Good thing for Ms. Lisa or otherwise I would not have any pictures to post this month!  Here is Miss Hannah enjoying her time in Lisa's back yard.  I can't even begin to tell you how much she loves this place.  Every morning she squeals with delight as we pull up. 

Hannah continues to make us laugh every day.  Here are some of my favorite things that she
* When I am taking the clothes from the dryer to the couch to sit there for several days fold and promptly put away, she always says, "Careful Mommy, careful mommy." 
* She is talking like crazy and is starting to tell us stories and retell things that happened previously.  Yesterday she heard Brody howling and said, "Brody say, howwwwwwwllllllllll."  I replied, "What did Brody say?" Just then he howled again and Hannah said, "Listen, that sound, Brody say." 
* We were driving around town the other day and there was a crane at a construction site and she said, "Mommy, Eiffel Tower!" 
* While she is a lot of fun, she is a two year old and does have her moments.  She doesn't quite understand checking out at the grocery store and the entire time our groceries are being scanned she screams, "NO!!!!!  MINES!!!!!!!!!"  She really loves her food!
* She is still obsessed with being clean, although it is getting better.  It is not uncommon at dinnertime to hear, "Eat all of your chicken and then you can have a napkin."  Yes folks, we bribe her with a napkin.  Most kids this only works with dessert.  Don't get me wrong, she will eat food to get dessert too, just after she washes her hands.
* My mom told me recently that she doesn't remember me ever having any "terrible two" moments so I hold Kyle fully responsible for any less than desirable behavior that Hannah exhibits.   

In Mommy and Baby News: 
Today I am 35 weeks pregnant and would like this baby to come, well, yesterday.  I try not to complain about much but seriously, this kid needs to get out!  My back hurts so much I can barely walk, the heartburn is out of control, every time I stand up, sit down, roll over, look to the left (or right) or even blink, I have to pee.  Everything from about my waist down in my house is really dirty because I can't bend over to clean.
I have my ultrasound on Tuesday to see which way the baby is facing and make sure everything looks good.  I'm excited to know if Hannah is going to have a sister or a brother.  We are still working on some names- but getting closer (maybe).

In Other Peterson News:
Kyle summed it up perfectly this morning when he said, "I'm paralyzed by overwhelmedness."  (yes, I know it is not a real word, but that is how we feel!)  He rattled off about 10 things that needed to be done and then said, "But, here I sit, not knowing where to start."  That about sums up our house right now.  
Our house is still a torn-up mess but for some reason, I'm much more calm about it now.  I guess the fact that Hannah has been displaced from her room for about 6 weeks and it hasn't seemed to phase her, so what's another 6 weeks or so?  I know everything will get done eventually.  We did get furniture for the baby's room so I can cross that off the list!   

Enough of my complaining!  I know we are very blessed in so many ways and I am thankful for that.  I will keep you posted on how the ultrasound goes on Tuesday but no promises of pictures!  Did I forget to mention that my computer crashed and Kyle is trying to recover everything on it?  Oh yeah, that happened too.  I'm just praying I don't lose all of my pictures because if I do, I will cry.  The End.


Emma said...

Even as you complain, your words seem to denote that you've got a good attitude anyway!! I admire you, and I'm positive everything is going to be great!! I can't wait to see ultrasound pictures, and I love the 'Eiffel Tower' bit =]
Keep smiling, you're doing fine!!
<3 <3 <3

Kim said...

Well, I must agree that any bad 2 year behavior is inherited from Hannah's father! haha. LOVE the picture of Hannah - her sheer delight with life is contagious! Love you guys - we will be there soon to help you get ready for the baby. Hang in there until then -

Beth said...

You're right - everything will get done eventually. And, just give Hannah a dustrag and she can wipe everything down that too low for you! And then, you can send her here because everything's dirty, but I don't have the pregnancy excuse. :) And, you'll come up with a great name for the baby, even if it's not until you meet him/her! Love ya.