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Friday, July 2, 2010

How We Are Spending Our Days

I am loving being home this summer with my girls.  We have been busy having fun.  We manage to get out of the house a few times a week and the other days we spend at home doing projects or just playing.  Here are some pictures of our activities the past few weeks.

Hannah does her best to make sure Sadie is not lonely while she is in her swing or bouncer chair.  I often go to get her out and there are crayons in the swing with Sadie.  I love how Sadie's legs are tangled up with the baby doll's legs. 
Pool Time!
Napping poolside
There has been a lot of grilling.
Hannah gives Sadie some advice!
Ready for a pool day!
Swimming with Brian.
Sadie takes it all in.
So independent at the park.
Dates with her boyfriend.
Practicing for our family pictures that will be taken later this summer.
Playing, playing, playing
That sums it up!

1 comment:

Brian Peterson said...

Umm, Hannah is too little to have a 'boyfriend'! We've had discussions about this!