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Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Watermelon Day

One thing that I've quickly learned from being home with the girls all day is that Hannah thrives on structured activity time.  Don't get me wrong, she does play independently very well and she doesn't need to be constantly entertained, but she does get bored in the afternoons.  She loves to do "projects" and is constantly wanting to help me do things.  We hear "I do that tooooo."  This week we checked out a book at the library about a watermelon and I had also bought a watermelon this week at the store.   After her nap yesterday we decided to use the book, the watermelon, and some art supplies to make it a "Watermelon Day." 

We started by reading this book:

Then we cut open our melon and ate it!

Hannah was very excited to have a Watermelon Day!

Hannah said that this side was for Hannah...

and this side is for Mommy!

She kept saying, "Juicy, yummy!" 
(although she really didn't like it that much and only ate 2 bites)

Then we made a watermelon out of a paper plate:

Why the blue watermelon?  After we painted the watermelons I got out some other colors for Hannah to paint with.  She grabbed one of the watermelon pieces and painted it blue.  When I told her that watermelons were not blue, she disagreed.


Kim said...

Oh, Hannah! You make Gramma laugh!

Beth said...

Good job, Mrs. Peterson. :) You need to move back to Denver and then we can do these structured activities together with the cousins!