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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Big Girl

Sadie is growing fast.  I can't believe she is six weeks old already.  I am trying to treasure this time with her because I know that it won't be long until she is walking and talking, going to kindergarten, and college will be right after that!  OK, so not right after, but you know what I mean.  These days she does a lot of eating, sleeping, and watching her sister.  She is beginning to grab on to toys and interact more.  Little Miss Serious finally smiled at me the other day but I have yet to catch it on video. The crying is getting a lot better and Sadie is able to be content without being held all the time. 

Here is a video of her having "tummy time."  Silly girl gets her feet going and can move herself around on the play mat.  The second video shows how much she moved from the time I started recording the first video.  She got herself turned around 90 degrees.  She is so big compared to his sister, and you can see her long torso and short little legs! 

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Beth said...

Wow! She stayed pretty happy on her tummy for a long time. And I love her short little legs. So cute. It looks like Hannah isn't too distraught when Sadie fusses anymore, so that's good. :)