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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Play Dough!

Not too long ago I came across this post about how to make homemade play dough.  I think I was drawn to the bright colors because most of the homemade play dough I have seen is dull, boring, and sticky.  For a project this week Hannah and I decided to try out this recipe because it claimed to be similar to store bought play dough and I loved that it was bright and colorful like store bought play dough.  It was a big hit at our house and was very colorful.  I think the key is using the gel food coloring instead of the liquid.  We will be making a lot of this in the future!   

Hannah loved mixing up all of the ingredients.

Look at that ponytail!

Stir, Stir, Stir

While it was cooking, Hannah chose the colors she wanted.

The big ball of dough!

We wore baggies as gloves to protect our hands from the food coloring.

The finished product!

The result?  Only one child screaming while I made dinner instead of two!


Kim said...

That is awesome! It looks like it was a big success!

Beth said...

I saw that post a few weeks ago, so I'm glad to know from someone I know that it actually makes good playdough! We will be making that, for sure, in the future. :)
I like Hannah's color choices!