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Monday, August 30, 2010

The Greats

In the past month Sadie got to meet all 7 of her living great-grandparents as well as her great, great grandma (Hannah was there too, but she had already met them all before).  This was no small task considering that 2 live in Arizona, 2 live in Texas, 2 live in Florida/Minnesota, and one lives in Colorado Springs.   I’m so glad that all 7 got to see her when she was just a little nugget- such special moments when the babes are so little. 

Great Grandma Glennis (Great Grandpa Dallen had to leave for a family emergency)IMG_5854

Great Grandparents Al and Jackie Kennedy (yes, my Grandmother is Jackie Kennedy!)


Great Grandparents John and Nancy Harling:


Great Grandma Colleen Quick:


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