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Monday, September 13, 2010


As of September 3rd, Hannah is 2 and a half.  She is still a little bundle of energy and keeps us on our toes.  Hannah is pretty strong willed and can throw one heck of a temper tantrum.  Luckily, they are mostly confined to home so we haven’t had too many instances where I was that mom out in public.  You know, the one who’s child is screaming, kicking, and throwing himself on the floor while she tries (unsuccessfully) to make the child stand up by holding on to his arm.  That hasn’t been us too much (yet) although I thought it might be when we had to leave story time at the library this week.  Heaven forbid that story time end and we have to go home.  Tragic! 

Here are some things that my favorite 2 1/2 year old is up to:

* Just today we were driving in the car and I was singing along with the radio.

Hannah: “Mom, stop singing.”  (I stop- not because I do everything she tells me to but because if I don’t she will start screaming at the top of her lungs and her sister was sleeping right beside her.)


Hannah: “Just Drive.”


Hannah: “Two Hands Mommy, two hands.”


Hannah: “Turn the wheel faster.”

Looks like I have a little back seat driver on my hands!

* She is putting multiple sentences together and will initiate conversations with us. 

* Hannah LOVES doing puzzles.  She just got a few new puzzles this week (thanks Gramma) and has been working hard at putting them together.  If she doesn’t get the right piece she tries to turn it so it will fit and says, “Not quite.” and then looks for the correct piece.

* She can count to 10 in Spanish and can also say at least one color in Spanish.

* “Mommy, what happened?”  Oh, the three words I hear ALL day EVERY day…even when nothing happened. 

* She loves Dora the Explorer (sigh).  In my perfect parenting world (you know, the world you live in before you have children when you know everything about parenting and you will never ever let your child do this or that) there was no Dora.  Dora was not going to be watched in my house.  Now, Dora is sometimes my best friend because she lets me do such things as: take a shower, cook dinner, or just get 22 free minutes to get something done.  Hannah would like to watch Dora all day long but she is limited to one show a day (most days) and the only bad part about it is when the show ends.  I guess it can’t be all that bad because she has learned to count to 10 in Spanish- and I give Dora all the credit for that one.  TV in moderation can be a good thing but I am amazed at how much she picks up from watching TV.  I can see how bad habits, words, and attitudes can easily come from watching certain TV shows. 

*  She still loves books.  Hannah would be read to for hours everyday if she could.  She is really good at “reading” the story to you and recalls many things that she has heard when the book was read to her. 

* She loves to be silly and play tricks.  For example, when you ask her what color something is she will tell you the wrong color on purpose just because she likes to hear you say, “N000000!”  She does this with everything. 

* Last Monday my MIL came up to see us for the day since she was at a friend’s house in VA.  A little while after she left to go back to Richmond, Sadie started crying.  Hannah asked, “What happened?” and I told her that Sadie was just crying a little bit and she replied, “Yeah, she’s worried about Gramma.” 

* I am enjoying watching Hannah use her imagination to play independently.  She will get her toys and pretend that things are happening.  

* Yesterday she had a snack that involved peanut butter and I was in the other room while she was eating.  I heard her say she needed to go see her baby sister.  I told her that she needed to come to me first so I could wash her hands and she ran in and told me that they were all clean (which was true).  A few hours later she wanted to play in the water so she came up to me and said, “I need to wash my hands, I have peanut butter EVERYWHERE!” 

There are about a thousand other funny things I can write about my silly girl but I’ll just leave you with a few pictures. 

Hannah has rekindled her love of the exersaucer…IMG_4756


but she also can spread her own peanut butter on her apples… IMG_6303

and she keeps herself safe when dad takes all of the locks off of the cabinets (we did this because she never gets into the cabinets anymore.  The only thing she does is lock them back up when we forget and leave them open so we figured if she was the one remembering to lock the cabinets, they probably don’t really need to be locked again until Sadie is a little bigger.) IMG_6313

She may be 2 and a half now, but some things just never change.  You want to know the funniest part of this picture?  It’s the line of animals behind the line of trucks.    IMG_6345


Brian Peterson said...

I love the pictures you put at the top of the blog.

Renee Huston said...

Were you describing me when you were talking about "that" mom? haha Callan's tantrum at the grocery store still reigns as the ultimate tantrum in our house. Luckily the funny/cute stuff these 2.5 year olds do outweighs the bad. :)

Kim said...

I also love the new design of the blog! I have to say that she is my favorite 2-1/2 yr. old too!

Brian Peterson said...

I don't know if you're happy about this or not. But, Hannah is looking more and more like a Peterson everyday. I think it's good. But, not everyone would probably agree with me! I know I'm partial. :)