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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blue Eyed Beauty

I know I have mentioned here before that I can't believe I have a blue eyed child. I guess I just figured that since Kyle and I both have brown eyes that our children would have brown eyes as well.  I remembered back to biology class and studying Punnett squares and the squares say that if Kyle and I are both recessive gene carriers then there is a 25% chance that our child could have blue eyes.  BUT- we both have to be recessive gene carriers.  What are the chances of that?  (I don't know!) Even with both of us as carriers, there is still only a 25% chance and it looks like we may have now hit that 25% chance twice.  I know that Sadie's eyes may still change color but for now they are baby blue, and oh so pretty.  I love my girls' blue eyes- I just never thought a blue eyed child (or two) would belong to me.

She pretty much hated this hat.  I found out why after I took it off.  She had a good dent all the way around her head, I guess it was a little too small. 

I love these little fingers! 
In conclusion, my baby has beaten the odds with her blue eyes, has an abnormally large head, and cute little fingers.  Isn't she perfect? 

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Beth said...

Yes, she is! Pretty little Sadie...

Brian Peterson said...

yes, she is perfect!

Kim said...

She is absolutely perfect! So fun to see her smiling and laughing!