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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Creative Copycat

A few weeks ago Kyle said to me, “You aren’t creative, you just have excellent googling skills.”  As I thought about that comment, I decided that I couldn’t agree more.  I really have no creative ideas of my own, but I am a very good copy cat.  I can’t take credit for anything that is creative in my life- but thanks to the world wide web, I have tons of creative ideas at my fingertips.  I can only imagine if my children were born before the days of the internet.  For sure they would have the. most. boring. life. ever.

Not too long ago I was reading this post and I decided that I could make this colorful breakfast for Hannah.  Now, this mom pureed fruits and veggies to color her pancakes and I just didn’t have the time for that so we went with food coloring.  Maybe next time I will try it with fruits and veggies (or maybe not).  She was so, so, so excited about helping me make these.  It may have had something to do with the fact that she rarely gets pancakes.  I think this was the third time she has had them in her entire life. 

pancake bowls

It was a rather time consuming process, but so worth it!

This picture doesn’t really do it justice.  This things was HOT pink! Hot Pink IMG_7075 IMG_7077  rainbow stack

Another fun day at our house thanks to the creativity of others!

P.S. In case you are interested: What goes in hot pink also comes out hot pink.


Beth said...

Hasn't the internet made us all "better" people? We're so knowledgeable now! haha

Hot pink poo? Niiiiiiiccceeeee...

Emma said...

that looks like fun, however, what I REALLY want to know is where you got Hannah's hair accessory? I love it, and yes, even at my age, would wear it <3