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Friday, October 29, 2010

A (Very) Quick Makeover

About a month ago I came home from taking Hannah to swimming lessons to find that the entire bottle of laundry detergent that we had just purchased at Costco had fallen off of the washing machine, opened, and spilled EVERYWHERE.  Have any of you ever been to Costco?  Do you realize that they don’t sell things on a small scale?  This was no tiny bottle of detergent.  It was a brand new 5.5 quart bottle of detergent.  By my estimates, 5.4 quarts were on the floor of my laundry room and attached bathroom. 

I soon found out that cleaning up laundry detergent is not an easy task.  I called my mom and complained asked her for advice about how to go about cleaning up the mess.  As I was cleaning I realized that the detergent that went into the bathroom got under our lovely peel and stick linoleum floor.  Every time I stepped on the floor, detergent oozed from the seams of the flooring.  I knew there was hardwood flooring under there and in order to avoid ruining the wood floors I was left with one option: rip up the peel and stick.  Soooo, I began peeling it up and got all of it up that had detergent under it (about 1/2 the bathroom).  I also had to rip up the trim around the walls because it was under that too.  Did I mention that Kyle was at work?  He was. 

So the bathroom stayed that way for a couple of weeks while Kyle and I decided what to do in there.  We weren’t really wanting to totally redo the bathroom because we had just finished major renovations in the girls’ rooms and were looking forward to a break (for both our bodies and our bank account).  We decided to do a small and fairly inexpensive makeover and come back to the major remodel at another time. 

First came the floors.  We decided to refinish the hardwood and leave it at that.  We discussed painting the walls but I didn’t really want to buy paint, especially if this makeover was most likely going to be temporary.  I remembered that we had an extra gallon of the tan paint that we used in Sadie’s room (I’m really good at buying too much paint).  The tan is much, much better than the sea green that was previously in there.  We also decided that instead of buying a new vanity we would just paint the one that was there.  We had some extra paint from Hannah’s room (again, the extra paint thing- I think I need to work on my paint estimation skills) that was espresso brown so we went for it. I was a little nervous about this but I am so happy with how it turned out.  Lastly we got new towel rods, toilet handle, light fixture, faucet, and medicine cabinet.  I also went out and got a new shower curtain and hand towel. 

Poor Kyle has been up until 3 AM for the past two nights trying to get it done and as of today it is complete!  The room is really, really small so it was hard to get pictures of the room but you get the idea.

 IMG_7080 IMG_7081 IMG_7082 IMG_7083 IMG_7084 IMG_7085

There you have it!


Kim said...

I love my new bathroonm! Haha. Thank you for the update! Coming to visit soon -

Beth said...

It looks really good! I really like how the vanity turned out. Good job!

Brie said...

Great job guys! Looks nice and cozy :)