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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


UPDATE: I remembered what the third thing is.  Whenever you ask Hannah a question she responds, "Mayyyyyybe ____________."  Who taught you how to sing? "Mayyyyyybe Gramma."  What do you want for lunch? "Mayyyyyybe Spaghetti."  Would you like to use your Dora or Diego toothbrush? "Mayyyyybe Diego." 

I know I have said this many times but it is worth repeating: Hannah is the funniest person I know.  I’m sure that you all think the same thing about your children and I know you probably don’t think half of what I write on here about Hannah is funny, but I do, and it is my blog, so I am going to write about it anyway!
Hannah has been saying a few things a lot lately.  These are the things that we hear over and over.  Last month is was, “What happened?” ALL DAY LONG.  Seriously, ask her aunt and uncle, we couldn’t even have a conversation at the dinner table because every time someone said something Hannah asked, “What happened?”  and if you didn’t tell her she just kept repeating it over and over and getting whinier and whinier each time.  But, that was last month.  This month her 3 favorite things to say are:
“Member Mommy when we did _____________?  Member?  Member?”  She says it with a certain inflection that I always ask her to repeat it just to hear her say it again!
If she comes down stairs and sees that some of her toys are out of place she says (in a very nice voice) “Mommy, I told you not to move those.  I told you that.”  
And I seriously can't remember what the third thing is.  As soon as I hear it in the morning I will let you know!
She has been full of funny quotes this week:
Yesterday Sadie was playing with a toy that had shapes on it.  Hannah ran into the kitchen to tell me that Sadie was putting the triangle and circle  in her mouth.  I said, “That’s ok, that is what babies do, put things in their mouths.”  She said, “No Mommy, Sadie no eat shapes, she eats milk.” 
We were playing outside today and the neighbor boy came down the road behind our house in his Halloween costume.  He had on some sort of brown robe.  Hannah saw him and said, “Mommy, that’s Jesus!”  I had just explained to her a few days before where Jesus lives and now she is all confused and thinks he lives in the house behind us. 
And if you didn’t think those things were funny, how about this? 
Bean, turkey, turkey, bean, turkey, turkey
Or this?


Beth said...

Personally, I also believe Hannah is especially funny. :) I hope Avery has as great a sense of humor. Turkey, turkey, bean...

Kim said...

Well, Gramma sure laughed at Hannah's cute sayings! I miss you, Hannah! Do we think Sadie was stinking her tongue out at Hannah for tattling on her? haha.