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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Random Thoughts in My Head

So, I’ve been walking around the past few days thinking about all of the things I should blog about and I haven’t had time to sit down and write lengthy posts so here are some tidbits of the random thoughts I have:

* On Monday we went out to dinner down in DC.  Kyle decided to drive my car down there even though he has an outstanding parking ticket attached to my car.  Kyle doesn’t pay parking tickets.  So, the original parking ticket has now turned into a $150 dollar fine.  Don’t worry though, Kyle won’t be paying that.  Because I worry about everything, I was nervous to drive my car into DC for fear that Kyle would be pulled over and thrown in jail.  (Have you heard the story of our friend that was arrested and booked in jail in DC for having expired registration?)  I’m pretty sure DC jail is NOT a place you want to be.  Anyway, Kyle assured me that it was no big deal because we were going to park in a parking garage and he was pretty sure you needed to have TWO parking tickets before they tow or boot your car.  I still wasn’t convinced but I went with it and as we pulled up to the restaurant, Kyle found a meter and parked on the street.  Fabulous.  So, we looked at the meter and it said, “2 hour limit, No time limit 6:30 PM –10:00 PM”  Great, I thought.  We don’t need to pay so we went on our merry way.  When we came back out, I first checked to make sure there was no boot on my car and then I climbed in.  As I was getting in I saw a parking ticket on my side of the car and then I looked over and saw another ticket on the driver’s side as well.  Grrrr…Kyle looked at the meter and it appears that there was a slight misunderstanding.  Although there was no time limit, we still needed to put money in the meter.  Fine- dumb rule, but I will admit, we deserved a ticket for that.  However, do we deserve TWO tickets? The tickets were written 45 minutes apart by two different officers and for the exact same thing.  Is that legal?  I really want to call and fight at least one ticket but I have experience from living in DC that I will get absolutely nowhere so I should not waste my time.  Kyle says not to worry, he won’t be paying those tickets either. 

* Snow days are not quite the same when you aren’t working, but I still get excited for my teacher friends when they have snow days (like today!).

* Sadie can sure get around pretty well for someone who can’t really crawl.  She gets herself on her stomach then scoots herself backwards and pushes herself back into a sitting position and she in magically in a different spot.  She also is so determined to stand up.  She spends most of her time trying to stand up but I’m not sure what she is going to do after that since she doesn’t know how to take steps yet. 

* Her love of Cheerios is increasing and her disdain for other food is decreasing.  Since she was so sick the past 2 weeks I have giving her a break from trying to shove baby food into her mouth but she isn’t really drinking much milk either.  Cheerios please, just cheerios!

* We went to visit a preschool for Hannah this week.  She walked right in and got right to work with the other kids, just like she was a normal member of the class.  I told her on Saturday that we were going to visit a preschool and all day on Saturday and Sunday she said, “Mom, let’s get our jackets and go to school.”  We found a place where we would like her to go next year and we will find out next week if she got in or not.

* Finally, enjoy the videos of the girlies!

I tried to get a video of Sadie trying to pull up on the chair but she had a little coughing fit instead.  Poor girl was so sick last week.

Sadie LOVES the bath and every time I turn on the water she dives toward the tub!

Here is Hannah reading a book called, “The Seals on the Bus”  While she is reading it she skipped a page that said, “The vipers on the bus go hiss, hiss, hiss.”  She realizes that she skipped it but got confused with vipers/wipers.  Funny girl.

Hannah reading The Napping House.  It is one of her favorite books right now.

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