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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

8 Months

Sadie is 8 months old. How did that happen? She is getting big very quickly! Here are some things she is up to these days.
* Standing up (or trying to): She continues to practice pulling herself up several times a day. If she has the right toy or support she can do it but she is still very unsteady.
* She still mostly refuses baby food although I can sometimes get her to open her mouth a little bit.  She doesn't seem to be fond of finger foods either.  She'll just live on Cheerios from now on.
* She is really close to crawling and can move herself around the floor pretty well.
* She imitated something Hannah did for the first time last week.
* She is still very happy and loves to laugh.
* She loves bath time and has figured out how to splash really well!
* She has decided that she isn't going to sleep through the night anymore.  After 4 months of putting her to bed at 6 and not hearing a peep from her until 6 or 7 AM she has decided that she needs to eat more often (probably due to her lack of solids).  She either gets up around 11:00 when I go to bed or around 2:00.  To be honest, I really don't mind.  I love to bring her into bed with me and snuggle with her while she eats.  Most of the time she falls asleep right away and I move her back into her bed.
* She is becoming a little cuddle bug (emphasis on little).  She wasn't much of cuddler but I've gotten her to cuddle on the couch and watch TV with me several times this month.
* She loves for me to sing songs to her.
* She plays very well with toys by herself but if she sees me walk by she starts crying.
* She had a very bad cold and was diagnosed with RSV.  This was the sickest one of my kids has ever been and it is really sad when you can't do anything for them.
* There was some concern over the size of her head so she had an ultrasound to check to make sure there was no fluid on her brain.  Thankfully, her brain is perfectly normal and her head is just very large!
* She appears to be more opinionated than Hannah was at this age but far less mobile and in to everything.  I was looking back at Hannah's 8 months posts and she was climbing on top of the dog food container, eating dog food, climbing stairs, etc.  I'm glad I can plop Sadie in the playroom with some toys and she will stay put (although I am well aware my days are numbered!).

We love you Sadie Bug! 

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Beth said...

I love that sweater dress! And she's the same size as Pooh now. Oh, my - where does the time go???

Brockman said...

Alexis, she is just beautiful. Her eyes have the loveliest shape. I enjoy following your family on here. Thanks for being such a diligent poster! Have fun with your girls.