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Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Conversation of Three Year Olds

Today we had Hannah's best friend, Callan, over for the morning.  As they were eating a snack, they had this conversation:
Hannah: I went with Daddy to get Lhotse some more dog food.  Then we went to a restaurant  and I got a quesadilla.  Do you like those?
Callan: No
Hannah: What do you like for dinner?
Callan: Peanut butter sandwich.
H: What else?
C: Bar.
H: BARS?  You don't eat BARS!!!
C: Yes I do.
H: No you don't.
At this point I said, "I think he means like granola bars."
H: Oh, yeah, granola bars.  What other kind of bars to you like?
C: Chocolate
H: What do you like for a snack?
C: Bars.
H: No, not bars, Chocolate bars, not just bars.  (Pause)  There is a bar at my dance class but you can't eat it.
C: Oh, you can't eat it?  Why?
H: My teacher said, "No boys can eat the bar."
C: Why?
H: Because it is a dance class, not a chewing class. 
C: That's sad.

I can only imagine what was going through Hannah's head at this point.  I'm pretty sure she thought that Callan liked to eat things like wooden bars.  A few minutes later they had moved on and were talking about school when I heard her say this: "I go to school and there are no bars at my school.  AND...we don't eat the paper. 

Oh, I love the conversations of three year olds!


Brian Peterson said...

I miss my little peanut! That's terrifically funny.

Chris and Kate said...

Lol. Alexis, I love your conversation posts. They always make me laugh.

Beth said...

That's a good one. :)