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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Long Overdue

Well, well, is is nearing the end of October and I haven't posted anything in a month!  For some reason I just haven't felt like blogging the past few weeks.  We've had a lot going on, as our lives are never dull, and I haven't stopped to blog about them.  Mostly for fear that my cursed fingers will make the computer explode.  Seriously, I hate this computer more than I hate my car, and I really hate my car.  It seems that every time I touch either one something breaks.  Sigh.

Here are the latest random happenings from the Peterson house:

We will start with this wild child.  Seriously, if she can climb it, she will.  She is fearless.  I just love the look on her face.  She knows when she is being crazy!


Daddy’s nightly greeting (and why he doesn’t need to go to the gym).IMG_4974

Hannah got to bring home the show and tell bag from school.  She was so excited she could hardly contain herself.  She wanted to make a list of things that she could put in the bag but she had to choose one thing.  She and Kyle went to work making the list that included: ballet slippers, doll, picture of her family and a tutu.  Later that evening we were eating dinner and she said, “I know something else to add to the list, my camera!”  She added it to the list and that’s what she brought.  I was so proud that she thought of it all on her own and that it was something unique.  She has since gotten the show and tell bag again and chose to bring her pillow pet. IMG_4987

We got a new sink.  It is big and it is brown.  I heart it. IMG_4997

Her first time finger painting.  She wasn’t a fan.


I count four bruises.  I was a little afraid to take her out in public this week. IMG_5028

Hannah, just being Hannah!


That’s a random update.  I will update again soon with a post for each of the girls.  They are getting so big and I don’t want to forget what was happening at this stage in life!


Kim said...

Sadie looks like Hannah at this age in the 1st picture! Love the girls climbing on Kyle:) And the concentration on Hannah's face while making her list. She sure loves school and ballet.

Beth said...

First of all, I also love your sink. Second, what better way to ride a horse than standing on it? Third, Sadie's feet look like they're growing! Finally, I think it's awesome Hannah brought her camera to school. :)