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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So I don't forget...

Sadie is growing and changing so much these days.  She is becoming more of a little girl each day and is it always exciting to see what new thing she is going to do next.  Here are some things she is up to:

* If she sees you coming with a diaper or if you ask her if she needs to be changed, she runs into the play room and plops herself down on the floor. 

* When Kyle gets a text message his phone says DROID.  Sadie always repeats and says, "DROOOIIIID"

* She has been confusing the words up and down lately but this week she is beginning to get them correct.  Sometimes if you don't respond to her request for "Up" she says, "Up, down, up, up, down?" 

* Every time she does something that Hannah doesn't approve of Hannah says, "Saaaadie, No, no!"  Now every time something falls over or she drops something she says, "Saaaadie"  in the exact same tone that Hannah does.  It is so funny to watch her reprimand herself.

* If she sees something she knows she isn't supposed to touch (like my drink on the table) she goes up to it and points and says, "No?" 

* She loves Diego, sad to say.  She knows who he is and dances to his theme song.

* She will bring books to you and say, "Booooook."  Right now Mr. Brown Can Moo is her favorite.

* She knows how to say thank you and says it appropriately many times each day.  She has actually been doing this since she was about 13 months. 

* She has picked up on saying "OK" and she uses it correctly.  I can say, "Sadie, go get your shoes." and she will say, "O-tay" and run to the shoe basket. 

* When I am snapping up her clothes most of the time I count as I snap because that keeps her still.  Now, every time I change her, she just starts counting, "Freeeee, six" (that's all she knows!)

I love that little girlie! 

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Beth said...

We are requesting video footage of her saying DRROOOIIIIID!