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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Long Time, No Blog

So, obviously blogging has been put on the back burner as we have jumped into summer.  The warm weather means we are outside swimming, jumping, and playing ball most evenings after dinner.  We’ve had some great nights as a family playing in our big backyard.  That being said, after a full day with the girls, cooking dinner, playing outside, giving baths, and putting the girls to bed, by the time I sit down on the couch for the evening, I am spent!  Most nights I can’t think straight enough to write a blog post.  However, the main reason I blog is for my girls so that they can one day read about all of the fun things they did when they were small, so I’m going to try to be better about it!

Here are some of our spring happenings.

Backwards Day


This, my friends, was a big stretch for Hannah, who is just not the backwards type of girl.  I got her to wear her shirt backwards but she declined my suggestion to wear her skirt, necklace, and ponytail backwards.  I’m not sure what is cuter in this picture, Hannah sporting her shirt backwards, or the little sister in the background doing the exact same pose as her big sister. 

Teacher Appreciation Day

Hannah painted each of her teachers a flower pot and planted flowers in them to give for teacher appreciation day.  She was very kind and let Sadie help with the planting.  It was great until Sadie got hers all planted (with my help) and then all of a sudden said, “NO! I DUMP IT!”  There went her flower and dirt all over her, the table, and my kitchen floor.  Sadie Evelyn…providing me with ample opportunities to clean my house! 


Mother’s Day


For Mother’s Day this year we went on a short little hike to some waterfalls at a state park near our house.  The girls did great on the hike and especially enjoyed climbing the rocks.  It was a great day and I am so thankful to be the mom of these two amazing little girls. 


Little Miss Independent


My Sweet Hannah IMG_7813

I cwimb it!



Girlfriend marches to the beat of her own drum. 

Last Day of Preschool


Hannah had her last day of preschool.  I was way more emotional about this than she was.  While we are very proud of all she accomplished this year, it was a reminder that these years with her as a small child are flying by.  Sometimes I wish I could just bottle her up and keep her this way for forever.  She is still so innocent yet capable of doing so much.  She had a fabulous year in preschool.  I couldn’t be happier with all she learned educationally, socially, and spiritually.  She was blessed to have amazing teachers and is already counting down the days until school starts again. 

And with that, I can hear Sadie singing to herself through the baby monitor.  Nap time is over! 

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Kim said...

Thanks for posting! Love the pictures of what the girls are doing to keep busy.