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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Petting Farm

One thing that I love about living in the DC area is that there are tons and tons of things to do with kids.  A few weeks ago we visited a petting farm that is not too far from our house.  The girls had a great time seeing and petting all of the animals.  Hannah proved she was a country girl, as she had no fear of any of the animals.  She has already asked to go back!  Sadie tormented the poor animals by chasing them around with her arms out saying, “I hoed it, I hoed it!”  We are looking forward to another trip soon.


Petting a pile of piglets.


That poor, poor mama pig!  We learned some interesting things about pigs while we were there.  When the mama is ready for the piglets to eat, she stands up and starts snorting to call the piglets over.  Every single one of the piglets was fast asleep and as soon as the mama started snorting, they were up squealing and running to get milk.  I’ve never seen so many excited babies! 


Yes, my child swiped the rabbit’s food, dumped to all out, and put the bowl in another animal’s cage.  Sigh…my girl is NOT the rule follower that her mom and sister are!  IMG_7660

Sadie and Callan getting the food to some animals

.IMG_7662 IMG_7670IMG_7782

She really had no fear of anything.  She would just go right up and pick up the animals.


Friends waiting for the pig races.  Aunt Pita, do you see the kid in the CU sweatshirt? 


Hannah loved this cow with a heart on her head. 


Learning how to milk a cow.


Well hello little goat, I am going to get you!


“I hoed it, I hoed it!”


Yes, she is trying to lift a lamb.


1 comment:

Beth said...

Haha! So cute. Hannah needs to teach Avery not to be afraid of the animals. She is extremely cautious! I love the "I hoed it!" and the sheep happily running away from her. :)