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Saturday, June 23, 2012


For the past year or so, I’ve been doing research about the foods we eat and the products most Americans keep in the home.  Our homes are full of chemicals and I started thinking, are these things really necessary?  Aren’t there any alternatives?  Yes, there are.  They are called expensive cleaners that my budget can’t afford.  However, the more I researched the more I learned that it is possible, and downright easy, to make all natural cleaners and other products.  Not only that, it is WAY cheaper.  One thing I was interested in trying this summer was homemade sunscreen and I found this recipe. 

All the ingredients:


How much of the ingredients I used.  Yes, I have enough leftover to make sunscreen for years!  IMG_7883

At this point, I forgot that I was going to blog about this, so I quit taking pictures.  I blame it on my temporary insanity that raising young children has caused (at least I hope it is temporary!)

Finished product! It is hard to tell by this picture, but this is a half pint jar.  IMG_7889

We tried it out at the pool a couple of days ago.  We were out in full sun, in the heat of the day, on the hottest day of the year for us so far.  I’m happy to report, no burns! 

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Beth said...

Once again, I wish you lived close because we could divide up all that stuff! I want to do this...someday.