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Saturday, June 30, 2012


I’m a month late, but Sadie celebrated her second birthday on May 30th.  We had a fun day going out to lunch and eating at the cupcake shop.  We then had a small family celebration at home with Mimi.  Sadie keeps me both laughing and shaking my head simultaneously.  She is fiercely independent and I’ve been reminded several times that this will serve her well when she is older.  She has spunk like I’ve never seen.  She doesn’t just walk across the room, she jumps.  Everything is done with gusto.  Here is Sadie at 2:

* She is 24 pounds and 34 inches tall.

* She LOVES chocolate.  She gets a treat when she goes potty and if I try to give her a mini chocolate chip instead of a Hershey’s kiss, she runs into the play room and throws herself on the floor.

* She can carry on full conversations with you.

* I love to hear her say, “Mom, I tell you sum-tin” (I want to tell you something).

* Instead of where, she says oooss.  “Oooss Daddy?”

* She has many different voices: her pretend voice, her mad voice, her in trouble voice, and her regular voice.

* I am “Mom”  not mama or mommy. Just Mom.

* She is still not the greatest eater but has been much more adventurous with food. She’s tried quinoa and salmon lately.

* She absolutely loves her daddy.

* She plays with Hannah all day.

* She is a great independent player and doesn’t like if I hover over her and try to tell her what to do!

* Just last night she figured out how to climb out of her crib. 

* When we get in the car she instantly says, “I want Jesus loves me.”  If I don’t respond she says, “I. WANT. JESUS. LOVES. ME”  (meaning her Bible song CD)

* She is now fully potty trained!  Whew…that took about 10 weeks of her testing me to see if I was serious about this no diaper thing, but she finally relented.  (Did I mention she is independent?)

We are so thankful we have this silly, crazy, funny girl in our family.


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Kim said...

Yes, we are SO lucky to have this little girl in our lives! She makes us laugh:) By the way, I love the picture on the blog page of the girls! It depicts their personalities!