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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our Garden

These pictures are already out of date, as our garden has exploded since I took these at the end of June.  I didn’t have high hopes for our garden this year because we didn’t get the seeds in the ground until much later than last year.  Then some cut worms came and cut down our young tomato plants.  Then, we got a huge storm that knocked down trees all around us so I thought for sure that our garden was toast.  Much to my surprise, our garden has gone crazy!  We’ve harvested about 5 pounds of green beans, 20 jalapenos, 10 zucchini, 15 squash, 4 heads of lettuce, and one bell pepper.  I love going out and picking fresh veggies for dinner!

This little one hates vegetables.  She hasn’t eaten a vegetable for about six months.  However, she will sit at the base of the green bean plant and eat and eat raw green beans.  She loves them! IMG_8205IMG_8207IMG_8210IMG_8214IMG_8216IMG_8219IMG_8221IMG_8222

Beautiful lettuce!  IMG_8228

Hannah by the squash plant that is as tall as her (now it is much, much taller!). IMG_8231

Tomato plants, peppers, zucchini


Hannah shows our first squash.  IMG_8234

After working in the garden Hannah had some very important office work to do! IMG_8242

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