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Friday, October 19, 2012

Apple Picking

When Gramma was here last week, we went to our local orchard to do some apple picking.  We picked 16 pounds of apples to make wonderful apple treats with.  So far, I’ve only made applesauce because my girls have been eating the apples with meals.  Hannah always asks if we have anymore of “those green sour ones.”  The girls love their apples!

Apple Picking Hannah 2Apple picking HannahApple picking sadie 2Apple picking Sadie 3Apple picking Sadie 5Apple picking Sadie 9Apple picking, both girlsApple picking, Sadie 4Apple picking, Sadie 8Hannah and Sadie eating applesto edit Hannah pickingSadie apple picking 6

The first apple Sadie picked had a huge bruise on it, but she insisted that she take pictures with it.  At least she took a bite of the good side.  She would find apples, take a few bites, then chuck them while everyone else ducked.  As you can see, she must have been my favorite child that day since all the pictures are of her.

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