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Sunday, October 14, 2012

This Girl

Sadie's face copy

Oh, my little Sadie girl.  How can a child cause a mom so much joy and so much grief simultaneously?  Once upon a time, when Hannah was two, I thought I had a strong willed child.  Then I met Sadie.  This girl is opinionated to the core.  She knows what she wants, when she wants it, and isn’t afraid to tell you about it.  She loves when things are her idea, however if something is suggested by a parent, forget about it!  One of her jobs around the house is to feed the dog.  When she remembers, she will feed Lhotse willingly and with enthusiasm.  However, if I ask her to do this same simple task, nine times out of ten I am met with resistance, which often leads to discipline.  I know her stubbornness and tenacious spirit will serve her well in the future.  However, as a two year old she sure does make for some challenging days.  Not too long ago she told me: “I all done obey my parents!” 

While she always keeps me shaking my head, she also keeps me laughing.  In the past month or two she has become much more active in conversations.  She’s always been a great talker, but now she is doing more of the initiating of the conversations.  Let me tell you, this girl is HILARIOUS!  She jumps from topic to topic at lightning speed and you never know what will come out of her mouth.  The other day Kyle was showing her how the rotisserie worked on the grill and she looked at it and said, “That’s cool, Dad.”  Excuse me?  Are you 2 or 14?  She also has an awesome imagination and spends hours each day making her dolls, animals, ponies, or doll house people carry on conversations.  I just laugh every time I hear her say, “Oh, what the matter honey pie?”  in her super high pitched “pretend” voice. 

Sadie loves all things active.  Unlike her more clumsy sister, Sadie is very sure footed.  She is an excellent climber, jumper, and runner.  She rarely falls down, but when she does most of the time she bounces right back up without any tears.  When she hits her head or gets hurt I often hear or see the impact followed by her saying, “Owww, I bonked.”  Then she continues on her merry way.  She loves her trampoline and is always wanting to climb on, in, or under the furniture.  When I hear “Look at me!” I know I need to run to see what is going on because she is most likely up on the arm of the chair, ready to jump off. 

Although she continues to exhibit typical two year old behavior, we are starting to see some improvements.  Just two months ago when we told her to do something she would say, “NO, NO, NO, NO I DON”T!”  Thankfully, we haven’t heard that in long time.  She is also getting better at listening to directions.  It is nice to see a teeny tiny bit of improvement on the issues we’ve been working on.  Don’t get me wrong, we still have a long way to go but at least we are starting to see progress! 

Life is always exciting with our little Sadie.  She often has me laughing throughout the day and I can’t get enough of her sweet smile with a dimple on her left cheek.  She goes full speed ahead all day long.  She has pretty much given up her nap but thankfully she continues to be an awesome sleeper at night.  Needless to say, I am exhausted by her bed time.  We have so much fun during the day and I love hearing her say, “I DID IT MYSELF, MOM!”  She really is getting so big! 


Kim said...

She is a pistol, that is for sure! When Rick and Colleen saw a picture of her, they said, "Who does she look like? KYLE!"

Beth said...

Aww, sweet Sadie! You and your little cousin have so much in common! Al - maybe the next one will be super chill baby - go with the flow, agreeable, lazy... :)