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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My “Sings”

Every time I tell Sadie it is time to go somewhere, she quickly grabs as many toys as she can and says, “Ok, I got all my sings” (things).  Unfortunately, many “sings” make their way to my car and never make it out!  My car is filled with “sings!”  I tried to snap a picture of her with all of her “sings” the other day.  I said, “Hold on, let me take your picture.”  While I was getting the camera, she put them all on the table and was holding one saying, “Cheese!” when I returned.  She picked up each one for a picture.  She is so hilarious! 


No doubt, these “sings” are still in my car!

1 comment:

Beth said...

Too bad she isn't as excited to bring all her sings back inside when she gets home! :) Too cute. BTW - you're a nicer mommy than I am. I rarely let Avery bring anything with her! I'm mean.