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Monday, December 17, 2012


Sadie 2 copy

This little girlie is 2.5!  She is getting so big and independent, growing and changing right before my eyes every single day.  Sadie continues to bring us so much joy, yet so much grief on a daily basis.  Obedience is not her strong suit and our days can be challenging, but she keeps me laughing much of the day also.  Here is Sadie at 2.5:

* She is obsessed, I mean OBSESSED with horses.  She spends 90% of her day playing with horses, riding her horse, or pretending that she is a horse.  We have puzzle that has different kids with animals and one of them is a girl and a horse.  Those two pieces are never in the puzzle because she carries them around.  Sometimes it is hard to tell if she is crying or just letting out a loud, “Neeeeeeeeeigh!” 

* She goes to a class at the library once a week and at the end she gets a stamp on her hand.  One day the stamp was a sheep and she looked at it and said, “UGH…I no like sheep, I like HORSES!” 

* She uses the word “really” all the time.  “I’m really done eating, mom.”  “I really need some milk.”  “I really need help with this.”  I think it is her favorite word.  

* When she tells you she is doing something and I reply, “You are?”  She says, “I are.” 

* She still isn’t a good eater, but is getting better.  She will eat carrots now and actually ate some lettuce a few weeks ago.  Cookies?  She has no problem eating those.

* She loves to use Kyle and me as climbing structures.  The other day she was being rough and I told her to be gentle because there was a baby in my tummy.  She said, “There is a baby, in THERE??”  I showed her and she said, “Oh, I give her a kiss?”  So sweet!

* She loves to take Hannah to school and carries her own school bag, wipes her hands before she enters the classroom, and goes and finds a table to sit at every morning.  She is ready!

* I’m loving the one on one time I get with her when Hannah is at school.  I’m learning so much about her personality and how much she actually knows.  She has an amazing mind and  makes some pretty good connections between things.  She is not a performer, so if you ask her colors or shapes she will tell you the wrong thing.  However, she made a diamond on a geoboard today and came and told me it was a diamond.  Good to know that she does in fact know her shapes!  She is quite a delightful little girl when her older sister isn’t here to boss her around.

* She is so excited about life.  She does everything with major gusto.  There is no docile Sadie. 

* She occasionally walks by Lhotse and says, “Hi Lhotse, you a dog?” 

* She has an amazing imagination.  She is constantly having conversations with her toys.  She also pretends that her foods are people and they have conversations with each other.  Two wheat thins can really carry on quite the conversation.  Kyle said, “She takes the phrase “playing with your food” to a whole new level.” 

That sums up Sadie in a nutshell.  We love her so much!

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Kim said...

Sadie, Gramma loves you so much too and can't wait to see you soon!