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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree

Backing way, way, way up to November, we embarked on our annual tradition of cutting down our Christmas tree with the Hustons.  Normally the weekend after Thanksgiving is pretty warm in Maryland and it is a little hard to get in the Christmas spirit when you are not wearing a jacket or drinking hot chocolate as you wander up and down the rows of Christmas trees.  This year was an exception and it was COLD!  Let me tell you, hauling five kids ages four and under around a Christmas tree farm when it is bitterly cold is not all that fun.  Memories were definitely made- and this is a tradition we cherish with our good friends. 

Sadie and Finn started out in the wagon.


Hannah decided to join.IMG_9446

Hannah out, Kinsley in.  Sadie says, “Burrrrr, it is cold!”  IMG_9448

Kinsley takes a turn pulling the wagon.  These two are only 5 months apart in age.  IMG_9456



We found our tree!


I think Sadie loved it. 


Watching Daddy cut down the tree! IMG_9485

Hauling our loot back to to car.  IMG_9486

We all went home, thawed out, and decorated our tree.  Of course, I forgot to pull out the camera for that part.

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Pita said...

Yay! Ask and ye shall receive!